I am just a 13 year old girl who likes to dance, watch movies, listen to music, cooks and fangirling. I used to join ballet class, yet I am not a professional, so I can do ‘plies’ and another easy moves. I also trained in hip hop because I have this dance class in my school but the teacher is just like giving us choreography for an 8 years old kid.  Beside dance, as I mention before, I love to watch movies. As example, I love to watch Glee, Castle, Step up and Street Dance series, and a lot more. Even sometimes I couldn’t remember it. For movies genre, I prefer action, fantasy, mystery and musical. But I’m not really into the horror one. When it comes to music taste, I enjoy pop music. Either in English, Korean, or even Chinese. I don’t really care about the lyrics, all I care is beautiful-or-not the singer voice is and the beat. Beside that, I love to cook since I was in the fifth grade. I often cook for dinner and sometimes I bake cakes. I really enjoy being in the kitchen but nowadays my mum not really giving me permission to cook because I always leave the kitchen in a big mess. The last, one of the most activity that I usually do is fangirling activities. I’ve been fangirling over Justin Bieber and every single day I always tell my friends that he is so handsome, his voice is so amazing and others. But since last year, to be exact August 2012, I met a new friend that directly became my best friend. She is a Kpop lovers and she always tell me about her Korean ‘boyfriends’. And few months ago, she poisoned me with her Kpop love and since that day, I fell for Kpop. And yeah, thanks to her, now I can’t take my eyes off from those 12 aliens from exoplanet. ^^

I feel that my life is as beautiful as heaven and surrounded by people I love

Note : I will post a what I feel to. So, it’s gonna be really random ^^


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